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We offer Community Solar Farm projects in many states throughout the United States.


A Community Solar Farm is a solar power production installation that sells its power to multiple subscribers, including individual homeowners, businesses, nonprofits and organized groups at agreed upon rates that are equal to or at a discount to the local utility rates. 

A community solar project, garden or farm is a solar power installation that accepts funding capital from or revenue from the sale of the production power and provides output credit and tax benefits to multiple subscribers, including individual homeowners, businesses, nonprofits, and other investors.

Community solar provides direct access to the renewable energy to customers or subscribers who are unable or unwilling to install solar photovoltaic systems for themselves. This is a great way for subscribers such as homeowners or businesses to go green without the need to install solar directly on their own property.

Where is Green Acre Solar looking to expand to? 

Green Acre Solar Developers work directly with a select few top nationwide Community Solar Subscriber organizations that market the community solar power to homeowners, businesses and organizations in markets where it is available. They handle the marketing, subscriber onboarding the virtual metering and billing while we coordinate with them on available solar production as community solar farms come online.

We are actively seeking land opportunities and actively looking to develop community solar projects in 15 states with more to follow as our capacity grows. 


Are you interested in purchasing and using green renewable solar energy at the same or reduced rates for electricity that you are currently paying? Are you an individual homeowner or renter, business owner or do you represent a group of potential subscribers?
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