Investing in Green Acre Solar

Our journey with investors is centered on a deep understanding and meeting of investment goals and expectations.  We believe in getting right the balance of earning great returns to our debt and equity investors, as well as supporting our employees and contractors alike.

Such a balance bolsters confidence to move the needle on transformation initiatives that lead to innovation and success in the market.

Investment in our solar projects is a reliable, secure and low risk investment with great returns, while helping the environment.

Green Acre Solar offers Secured Debt Financing and Equity Financing.

Factors that ensure our success and lower risk include:

  • Site Due Diligence: GIS Mapping, advanced discussions with the local utility and municipal before committing to leasing or purchasing land.
  • Approvals in Advance: Securing all necessary municipal, state and federal permits and utility approvals as needed for all projects before construction begins.
  • Pooling Purchasing Power: We pool our purchasing power of solar panels, inverters and other related technologies to ensure the most cost competitive solutions and ongoing access to the best-in-class products.
  • Strong relationships with many National Specialized Solar Suppliers.
  • Direct relationships with solar manufacturers.
  • Inhouse Project Managers and project designers.
  • Closely associated installers and EPC companies throughout the US and beyond.
  • We work with state and local level Green Banks in the respective state (where available) to provide green bank debt financing.

Overcollateralization by the Completed Asset

The value of the completed asset (i.e., the operating solar farms) is greater in value than the capital outlay due to the mix of rich incentives in many markets, the ongoing revenue stream and low maintenance required. There are many solar operators in the United States and international that are all too willing to purchase completed solar farm assets for their steady return on investment. Although it takes some time to get to the Permission-to-Operate stage of a project, no significant large outlays of capital are expended until we have secured all applicable incentives, local permits, utility approvals and an appropriate off-taker or subscriber for the power secured for many years to come. Operating Costs are extremely low Development Costs are extremely low All potential investors will be required to execute an NDA and Non-Circumvent Agreement All potential investors will be required to demonstrate that they are qualified accredited investors.

Investing in Green Acre Solar may not be suitable for all investors. If you have any doubts as to the merits of an investment, you should seek advice from an independent financial advisor.

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